Last Christmas (2018) my father bought my mother an Amazon Echo Show. As we asked it question after question and gave it task after task, I couldn't help but imagine a little Alexa rushing around inside of it taking care of everything. The Little Helper is a short animation of what a virtual assistant is really doing inside all of our smart devices.
When I was designing Allie, I found inspiration in Tracer from Overwatch in her messy hair and the way she zips around, as well as the elves from Hilda and their simplicity. I also looked into the Amazon Echo logo, using it for the shape of Allie's face and her general colour scheme.
Creating Allie's home was a real challenge for me. I had never really designed a set in this much detail before or had a character interact with it so much. I learned so much about perspective and set dressing in this project and can't wait to try out more!
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